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    you should've said that the first time around claud.

    the only addition i'd make to the argument is that local actors have some say in at least moderating disputes.

    in this case it should NOT be the US telling Korea how things are, given that there have been tensions since the korean war and ww2.

    the US does have a habit of acting unanimously, and even in the face of the ICJ, who have often branded them agressors. i'm reasonably sure they've gone as far as to claim they have, on several occassions, fulfilled the definition of international terrorist.

    but isn't that always the way with a hegemon? look at the british. when dominating you naturally have more to protect. the powerful always slide back down because you inherently have to spread your power wide. the only exception in terms of 'stamping authority' seems like it may potentially be china, they have a very unique way of investing and dealing with other nations. its certainly quite removed from neoliberalism.
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