Dear players,

Continuing our philosophy of developing our games in collaboration with the player base, we would like to engage with you on the topic of skill points, based on the lively discussion here on the forums and your detailed feedback on what changes you would like to see applied to our current skill point reward system. Your comments and concerns are important to us and we are taking steps to address them as soon as we can.

We are well aware of the fact that the daily/weekly skill point rollover system is the favorite amongst the community, and we are implementing such a system aimed at the next major release. However, the change to add a roll over system is not immediately possible. The five options that we can apply in the immediate short term are the following:

1) Daily cap with an increased soft cap
2) Weekly cap with an increased soft cap
3) No changes to the current system (daily cap + low soft cap)
4) Daily cap with no limit on the soft cap
5) Weekly cap with no limit on the soft cap

Internally we are leaning towards a weekly cap, as it offers the closest alternative to a roll over system. As with a roll over system, a weekly cap allows players to better choose when to play within each week without having to jump in every day to secure all possible skill points.

The increased soft cap would entail rewarding one skill point for each warpoint after the normal daily or weekly cap has been hit, up to the increased soft cap (currently 50 SP, we will raise it to 1000 SP per match). This is to provide an incentive towards playing well even after the cap has been reached and make the play experience after hitting the cap better. We are also considering another alternative, which is to *not* have a cap (of 1k) on the soft cap, so, after weekly cap is hit, you still get 1 SP per WP at end of match. We would like to hear which of these you like better as well (cap on the soft cap vs no cap on soft cap).

In order to vote, please click “Like” button in the following “5” replies in this thread and tell us what you would like to see implemented to the game immediately.

We would like to remind you that these changes do not represent the final skill point system and that we are still working hard on getting to the fully polished rollover system later on.

Thank you for all your feedback so far, and we are looking forward to your votes.

Can go there and vote if ya want too. I think 2 looks good.