I've had this idea for a homepage feature stirring for a couple days now.

Here's the idea: Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels are divisive, to say the very least. Some people swear by the cast, but hate the gameplay and storyline. Others just hate everything about it (I'm pretty much in this camp). Others LOVE the redesigned ATB battle system.

Compare to this to what I consider the 'glory days' of Square Enix: Final Fantasy 7. 8. 9. 10. The fact that these four games came out sequentially - and were so genre-defining and utterly awesome - makes me yearn for the days when a Final Fantasy game was a global event, and when the game in question was truly amazing.

I don't mean to get mired in nostalgia, so here's the deal - we didn't get a truly great Final Fantasy game this generation, so I'm going to write about the Final Fantasy game that I would have made - story, gameplay, visuals, narrative themes and imagery, etc. I also think this is an awesome topic of conversation, and we could unearth some very cool opinions and observations from each other.

So, I ask - what Final Fantasy game would YOU have made during this generation?