Anyone who signs up for a DUST 514 account and logs into the game using your referral link will receive exclusive starter gear. They'll thank you later.

Rewards for recruiters

By recruiting friends to play DUST 514, you'll become eligible for rewards that grant you special perks for growing New Eden's mercenary ranks. We're already keeping track of who you recruit, and what they do in the game. We'll be sharing more details about Recruiter rewards soon.
So don't wait. Start recruiting now!
How it works

  • Share your personalized recruiter link via Facebook, Twitter, Google, email, or any way you like.
  • Your friends sign up using your Recruiter link, download DUST 514 and log into the game.
  • Your friends each receive an exclusive Recruit Assault Rifle and 7-day Recruit Skill Booster to give them a head-start in their mercenary careers.

This is an interesting twist. Get yourselves a recruiter link and possibly earn yourself percs and rewards for enlarging PSU's corporation.