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    [PSU] Hands-on with Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita's first benchmark shooter

    When I think of first-person-shooters on PlayStation Vita, the image of a cinematic, enthralling, and console-quality experience is not what appears in my head. Rather, I see bite-sized missions, cramped gameplay, and artistic compromises. Killzone Mercenary has none of these things. After hands-on time with Guerrilla Cambridge's offshoot of the blockbuster PlayStation 3-exclusive franchise, I can tell you that Killzone Mercenary is quintessential Killzone. With powerful weapons, weighty movement, and all the makings of a thrilling war epic, Killzone Mercenary looks poised to take PS Vita by storm as not only the first good PS Vita FPS, but the system's first true benchmark.

    Seems like we may be on to a winner!

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