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    PSU Ghosts, our first battle for PSU Glory (fansite DUST 514 coverage battle)

    CCP is proud to announce the first fansite competition for DUST 514!

    We are looking for a showcase of your fansite talents tutorials, sets of helpful tips and wiki articles on your fansite regarding DUST 514s Open Beta phase that will help new players to learn, adapt and enjoy the game together with all of us. Feel free to use all materials that you can find, including our Press Kit from the official website to make your fansite and its content look top-notch.

    Starting on February 7th through February 28th the DUST 514 Community Team will be following all the DUST 514 fansite submissions and judging overall fansite coverage, design and quality of all entries in that period.

    Judging & rules:

    • In order to enter, email us over at with the name and link to your fansite, with subject: [FANSITE SKIRMISH] before February 7th
    • Fansite coverage must consist of the content created in the period of February 7th 28th by the fansite itself
    • Judging will be done by CCP Community Team
    • Fansite coverage needs to be in English
    • Coverage must not include offensive language or content
    • Winners announcement will go live a week after the official coverage ends on March 7th


    • Top 3 fansites with best: overall fansite design, coverage quality and creativity will receive custom-made website badge that they can attach to their website and be recognized as one of the best DUST 514 fansites
    • First place winner: Trip to Fanfest 2013 (plane ticket + event ticket)NOTICE: First place winner must be 18+ and able to make the flight via Icelandair from his/her country or be able to get to the country where Icelandair operates.

    Let the Skirmish begin!
    I want that badge! I'm not sure if PSU counts as a "fansite" but I'm going to ask. The Iceland trip would be nice too!

    I have stuff in the works, a skill guide, an overview of the beta, a look into will be getting featured predominantly on the front page flash scroller.

    After seeing this, I will do a 2nd part to the skill guide earlier than planned! What I'd REALLY like is tip and tricks from our community for new players as one of our articles. Post any tips/tricks/advice you have for new players in here and I'll include a selection in my article, like a top 10 or something.

    Any other ideas for content are welcome!
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