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    Quote Originally Posted by krazey2k View Post
    Shame it wont be a sequel to BC1.
    Which had the best multiplayer imo.
    BC2 was defo the worst out of all console BF's.

    BF3 was enjoyable for short periods.
    Totally AGREE.

    BC1 was just special, the best online game this gen without a doubt for me. Felt so good, perfect in my eyes. I have never had that much fun ever since.

    I know many preferred the more super cerial and "badass" COD 4 SP/MP but i preferred the SP of BC1 MUCH more, it was a lot more open, best characters in a game ever and was very nicely varied in terms of vehicle and gun combat. Great environment and maps too for the MP. Gun combat and other vehicles/items were very balanced too. I hated how they added so much crap into BC2/BF3, it just made it a cluster$#@! IMO. I was also a fan of the low bullet damage, allowed much better firefights.

    What i wish for BC3 to be like BC1
    If the MP was still active, i would rebuy it. Selling it was the biggest mistake i have made in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claud3 View Post
    New IMAGES
    Wrong thread.


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    I cant wait til the next Battlefield Game ya'll! But I hope they do fix some of these bugs and things that players are doing during the game, cuz its getting crazy...

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