This is kind of obvious, but if you end up buying a 12 month PS Plus subscription, you also get 3 months free, so the question now is that this will overlap with next generation where Sony’s PS3 successor will be most likely be released.

Naturally, a small doubt exists whether the service will carry over to the next gen or not. On the recent PS Blog post’s comments section, a fan asked, “Any word on whether we should have any concern about PS+ carrying over to the next gen ? If I renew now and get the 3 extra months, thats 15 months of Plus goodness … but will it be used next gen?”
To this, Morgan Haro, PSN community manager, replied: “PS Plus is here to stay, so you can take advantage of the offer with confidence.”
So there you go, the service will be offered by Sony next gen as well, but they could start charging for online play then you would wish they didn’t… I kid!

Hmmm...Subscription service that offers you free reign on gaming content + cloud gaming service capable of streaming your entire catalogue of games...

Nope, I can't see where Sony's going with this.