So, after a year of my Turtle Beach...dropped...snatched...wire tugged on finally took it's toll on the headset..and also taught me a lesson -----> I needed wireless. Wires get in the way when gaming (especially with an INFANT daughter around...having to move quickly sometimes while playing)...and when I couldn't find the break in the TB headset...I trashed it. to Best Buy I search of what I thought would be a sub-$100 purchase of a wireless headset for gaming.
Boy was I in for a shock!!!
I found the TB wireless. Not pleased with that price...I then found the "Sony" brand ....even a higher price...
But, I was discouraged at the pricing...and told my wife "I'll just do without...I don't want to spend that kind of money on myself just for gaming.."
She actually was the one who convinced me to go ahead and get this Sony Pulse Elite.
so...I reluctantly bought this....

Now...I'm needing to see what the best settings are for this thing..
So many buttons, sliders for changing volume of that vibrator...more game or more voice...more boom...VSS....Mode (which I normally select "Shooter")...
Soooo....anyone want to chime in here and tell me the best settings for BF3...with a good balance of voice, boom and game sounds? And which settings on the VSS and mode??