I'm looking forward to the ps4 the most. Not because of the rumors but more so due to how they are handling games in the end of the ps3 life cycle. They're still taking risk with new i.ps and releasing exclusives. They have a lot of studios to continue this support with the ps4.

I'm still looking forward to the 720. They started out strong and just coasted on the wave of 4 exclusives and multiplats and kinect for the last few years. Smart for business but it pisses me off as a gamer. As a gamer, I wanted them to use some of that profit and fund a new i.p.

I don't game too much online and I don't really care for many of the OS features other than the netflix app. So all the other features will just be a bonus for me. OS features won't carry any weight as to which system I want. It's all about the games.