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    Since Blu-ray went obsolete in 2009 ...

    With all the next gen bits-n-bites clickety-clickety going on, maybe it would be amusing to review next gen storage, since Blu-ray went obsolete in 2009. Wut?
    Guess What? Blu-ray Is Obsolete Already
    Whatever happened to holographic storage?

    It's a real chuckle to remember how so many people were saying Sony was totally $#@!ed, how they risked so much on Blu-ray, only to see it go obsolete in 2009. Well, that's what happened, didn't it? Oh wait, that was in the alternate universe timeline scenario. The question always being asked back then was "How can Sony future proof a console when the future wasn't even here yet?".

    It will be interesting if Sony unveils a new Blu-ray format or maybe Feb. 20 is the Vio-ray for 4K? There are a lot of purple tinges in that video. Strange, how these "devs", "insiders", and "sources" don't have anything specific to say there, or maybe it isn't that strange, if they don't have a clue...
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