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    Squad Orders : Their importance, usage and function.

    This section will provide information on the role of the Squad Leader. How to issue commands as well as their function and how to use them on the battle field to the advantage of the squad. This is important to read for everyone who is unfamiliar with squad ordering or seeking more info.

    Squad Orders

    What are they? They are commands issued by the squad leader, which will give the rest of the squad direction and organization, AND will give a 20% boost to the war points earned when in the vicinity of the objective set by the squad leader. This is also the key to getting a 2nd or even a 3rd orbital strike!

    When you find yourself in the position of being the squad leader, it is important to issue squad orders, and since I am finding that most people don't even know what they are, I will tell you.

    How to issue squad orders

    Method 1 - Press down on the D-pad of the controller, a map will be displayed of the battle field. Here you can highlight an objective (such as installation, turret, supply depot, a person or vehicle, basically anything you can hack or interact with), when highlighted press X and depending on what you selected, a few options will appear: Capture, Rally, Defend and Attack. Here is where you select what you want to do by moving the right thumb stick, in most cases it will be either capture or defend. This method is good because you get to see the map when issuing orders, but leaves you vulnerable to attack, so if you do it this way, find cover first!

    Method 2 - Hold down R2, while holding down R2, click R3(right thumb stick) and move R3 to select desirable command. After selecting the order you wish to preform your crosshairs will turn into an order icon. You then aim the order icon at whichever objective you choose. Click R1 to issue the order. This method is way better to use, as it can be used on the go without having to stop and bring up another menu.

    In most cases, you will use defend and capture orders.

    What squad orders do
    After the squad leader issues an order, when ever one of the squad members is in the vicinity or the objective that the order has been placed on or by, all kills and hacks will earn squad members an extra 20% more warpoints!

    A few examples: A capture orders was issued on a CRU, when you score a kill around that CRU you will receive 60 points instead of 50! A kill assist will get you 35 points instead of 25, and a hack will get you 120 points instead of the usual 100 for the hack.

    This small increase in warpoint accumulation adds up to more orbital strikes!

    Also too, when a squad members gets a hack, kill, or assist around an objective set by the squad leader, the squad leader also gains 10 points for the action that got the points(10 fora kill, 20 for a hack, 5 for an assist).
    So this means everyone score more points !!

    Best ways to use the squad orders

    • Issue orders right after you call in a vehicle, since you have to wait for 10 seconds anyway.
    • Use the 'defend' order on the person in your squad when you have no objectives to set, when ever this person or someone from your squad gets a kill or completes a hack, the squad leader will get a little bit of points too.
    • Always issue orders, at any giving time during a match you should have something ordered (see above).
    • Riding in the passenger seat is a good place to issue the squad order.

    In The role of the squad leader is to maximize the the war points of his/her squad. Remember this, when we are calling in our 2nd or even 3rd orbital strike, or when we find ourselves at the top of the score boards, the extra points earned went a long way to make that happen.
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