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    Your opinion on Sleeping Dogs? Is it an easy platinum?

    I mean, it doesn't seem particularly difficult but rather time-consuming. I've completed the story, cases, drug busts, fight clubs, collected all of the collectibles, attained the highest levels (10) for Face, Cop and Triad upgrades, scored nearly 100 percent on the karaoke bar tunes (you only need 90 and above) etc. I still have to complete the races as well as purchase all of the clothes and vehicles but so far it's nothing I can't handle.

    It might sound like a chore but the game is a lot of fun. Sleeping Dogs really reminds me of when I played Bully on the PS2 and completed it to 100 percent. They both have a fun, addictive melee combat system that you can upgrade with new moves and the world map is both "open-ended and closed in", if that makes any sense. Obviously the game isn't perfect but I think it's a great start for United Front Games if they were to work on a sequel.
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