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Pity you cant read very well.
The article talks about "elsewhere" referring to other customs blocks helping the cpu.
The DME's are specifically designed for the GPU.

Do i have to quote the DF again? Pity you cant read well. So I quote again.
However, the main takeaway here is that core elements of the Move Engine functionality are apparently designed to extract the best performance from a RAM set-up that is much more complex (and slower) than its Orbis equivalent. Elsewhere, most of the custom hardware works to ease the CPU burden, not to improve GPU performance, so those hoping for 'secret sauce' to overcome Orbis's theoretical graphics advantages are probably going to be disappointed.

Look read the article over if you have to. It says that the "special sauce" DME, will not do much for Durango. Orbis seems to be superior. Unless ofc, MS decide to change things up, but as DF says its practically impossible at this point due to manufacturing process. Even though i am in different field, i can vouch for this. The program i am working for is taking 5 years at minimum to go into full production.

Long story short. Special sauce is weak sauce.