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Hello to all my people of the great EA Forums

I am part of a great Fight Night Champion community that I found on Youtube. Each Member often Uploads online Gameplay Videos to their Channels so that our community can watch and learn from your Videos. Over the last few months we have help lots of people out there find a new style that they can use to start getting more wins Online. Our Goal is to raise awareness of this great Fight Night installment and get enough people so that we can help support this great Fight Night Franchise, so that EA will continue to see people interested in this game that we Love. We have a great Community Host and Interviewer that goes by the name of RiddimworksGaming on Youtube. He sets up and Interviews the Top Boxers in the World or Members of the Community, so that they can share their thoughts about the game of Fight Night Champion. My Youtube ID is: HZGaming4U So if there is anything that you guys want to know more about our Fight Night Champion Youtube Community, please feel free to Comment with a question below.

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