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    Activision's Bobby Kotick on Wii U's disappointment, next-gen dev costs
    I think the WiiU sales stalled because folks are waiting to see what the next xbox and ps4 has to offer.

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    Nintendo's execution of this console launch has been piss poor imho. I think it was retarded to think that people would be enthusiastic about 7 year old hardware at the door of a new generation of consoles. Also, it didn't do eben a remotelygood job about educating the masses about what it was...evident by howmany thought it was a new accessory for Wii . It should have had the balls to jump in the deep end with the big boys instead of hanging around in the safer waters. It's 3rd party ports have not gone down well with some gamers, it's losing 3rd party exclusives left right and center and the REAL next gen is about to reveal itself...I think 8th gen will leave Wii U in the dust, and PS3 and 360 will dominate the 7th gen scene as they have better online suites. Well, I could be completely wrong Only time will tell, but WiiU looks kind of awkward at the moment.

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    Ive not seen one wii u commercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantz View Post
    Ive not seen one wii u commercial

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    I saw a butt load for the week before launch and the week after, even in theaters. After that the commercials/ads vanished

    and Ghost that gif is hilarious

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