The saga of Bethesda's incompetency with Skyrim and its DLC on PS3 is well-documented. But the tragedy finally ends tomorrow! Dragonborn - which is set in Morrowind and a Cthulu-esque realm of Oblivion - launches on PSN February 12, while Dawnguard (the vampire expansion) arrives February 19 and Hearthfire the week after.

To help sweeten the deal for PS3 owners, Bethesda will offer each at 50% discount for a one-week period.. That puts Dragonborn and Dawnguard at $10 apiece, and Hearthfire at a measly $2.50.

Is anyone still playing Skyrim? Will these DLC releases be enough to bring you back? Have you sworn off Bethesda forever?

Personally, I'll probably buy Dragonborn for the Morrowind nostalgia. Not sure about the others, but Hearthfire is a pretty easy sell at only $2.50.