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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefein View Post
    Yeah, I mentioned this before in another thread, but it really does deserve to be reiterated. In terms of NVidia and how graphics technology overall has moved forward from when PS3 was launched, this may help put it in perspective. When the PS3 launched, it was literally a few months before the GeForce 8800 hit the market (still used dedicated pipelines at that point).. It was followed by the 9800 which was the final dedicated pipeline GPU by them and led way to the GeForce 280.
    Actually, the G80 (GeForce 8800) was Nvidia's first unified shader architecture.

    As for the graphical leap that will come with this generation of consoles: Comparing it to what PCs do today isn't going to tell you all that much, since most PC games today are created for the consoles first and then get some additional bling in the PC version. Creating games from the ground up for a significantly higher base line will produce results that are in a completely different league. For example, knowing that they have at least 2GB RAM available for the application (excluding texture and other graphics related stuff), developers should be able to create much bigger and more "alive" worlds than what we've seen until now. That's one of the major issues I have with current generation "open world" games; they just don't feel big, sprawling and alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisw26308 View Post
    It will be a substantial jump for those who dont pc game.

    The biggest jump ive witnessed was when the original playstation and dreamcast came out and 3d gaming was born.

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    PS1 was the biggest jump in graphics i have ever seen from a console. The transition from 2D to 3D was simply amazing.

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    I can't to see Uncharted 4 how it will look? And Battlefield when I will fire a shoot? Pah Pah Pah Pah or Tah Tah Tah lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daLa View Post
    This is great to read, cause all I was reading is that the transition from this gen to the next one wouldn't be significant.
    had that not been said by someone in sony.

    This true then my interest in ps4 increased.

    One reason felt less inclined to look at the console was we fed it wont be leap in tech.

    I can only assume GPU could be kepler tech standard as example current like geforce 600 series etc.

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    I hopeing it will be a nice leap and i hope they get the tech down vsyn,smooth frame screen tearing stuff like that..

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