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    So I guess that whole Xbox 360 RROD fiasco never really happened? Or did it just not effect consumer opinion and purchases? MS had their own share of mistakes which crippled 360 sales for the first 3 years. RROD, DVD only, no built in hard drive, no HDMI, no Wifi.... Despite this and a PS3 price drop within the first year Sony still hasn't been able to catch back up more than 6 years later. The truth is MS beat Sony at their own game. MS got the 3rd party developer support and for a good 5 years the 360 version of multiplatform games looked and played better. MS simply beat Sony, despite MS's own inferiorly equipped and often failing RROD systems.
    Actually Sony was closing in on MS till Kinect launched. If not for shifting away from their core game focus and chasing the casuals with Kinect MS would have been beaten by Sony. As for 3rd party support what 3rd party games did 360 get that PS3 didnt? All MS got was timed DLC that ended up on PS3 anyway. And Sony has been getting its own 3rd party deals as well. And multiplats being better in the early days has nothing to do with 3rd party support. It had to do with PS3 being difficult to program for.
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