I have basic knowledge when it comes to specs, but I was wondering what you guys are thinking about the specs? based on PS4's already confirmed and Xbox's rumored specs which may actually be accurate.

“The Durango CPU is structured as two modules. A module contains four x64 cores, each running a single thread at 1.6 GHz. Each core contains a 32 KB instruction cache (I-cache) and a 32 KB data cache (D-cache), and the 4 cores in each module share a 2 MB level 2 (L2) cache. In total, the modules have 8 hardware threads and 4 MB of L2. The architecture is little-endian,” states the report from VGLeaks.com.
If the PS4 is indeed clocked at 2 ghz + the GDDR5, I would think it already has a bigger advantage over the Xbox power wise of course. What do you think?