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    Infraction for The Sith: No Trolling, Rule 4.

    Post: Season Two of “The LeBrons” Coming Exclusively to Xbox 360
    User: The Sith
    Infraction: No Trolling, Rule 4.
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    Administrative Note:

    Message to User:
    We're clamping down on the 'troll' and 'fanboy' accusations that are being thrown around, so we can't let this go. 5 days off for you.

    Original Post:
    The trolls are now posting threads in the microsoft section so they can get there jollies and troll this section. Just to show you how pitiful this section is now just a cesspool of sonyboys. This use to be a great section to post gaming news for ms gamers to discuss now its one big stinkin pile of feces........peace im out.
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