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    Quote Originally Posted by ps3freak18 View Post
    Yeah it's a tough loss for MS to lose the exclusivity of Bungie. This has been their biggest money maker. Plus no Halo. MS better snag up something good to make up for this loss.
    Whos to say it was a tough loss?
    360 can also get exclusive content, nothing stopping that.

    Also for all we know 360/720 could still be getting it as a timed exclusive and this exclusive content could be an incentive to purchase the PS3/PS4 version when it comes out.
    We just have to wait and see, so all is not lost yet!

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    I'm psyched for this game. It looks fantastic.

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    Despite my lifelong allegiance to Sony and PlayStation, I've always watched Bungie create their Halo series rather wistfully from the sidelines. I sure had one hell of a lot of fun the few times I was able to romp around in multiplayer at friends' houses. Bungie truly understand how to build a timeless, intense, and accessible multiplayer suite and community. I'm extremely excited for Destiny for this reason, and also because they construct great, clean sci-fi.

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