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    Watch Dogs listed for Wii U at Gamestop

    GameStop is listing Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s upcoming hack-the-city open-world adventure, for Wii U alongside PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions.

    The listing would certainly support the “all home consoles” GameStop poster that leaked online last week. Officially, however, Ubisoft has only confirmed the game for a 2013 release on consoles and PC.

    Thanks, NeoGAF.
    via Gematsu.

    I think everyone saw this coming. Not sure if it'll fair as well as the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions with the Wii U's supposedly slow CPU though.
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    Best Buy also has it listed for preorder. And the Wii U cpu is actually faster than the 360's cpu. Even if the Wii U shows it's speed at 1.25Ghz vs the 3Ghz of the 360. The chips are not the same however. The Wii U chips are more advanced and can do just as much with a lower frequency. Then you include the doubled RAM on top of that. The Wii U could probably be the better looking of the 3 versions.

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    Ubisoft: Watch Dogs now working on Wii U.
    Interesying eager to see this game plays on Wii U.

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