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    Watch Dogs: The New Bite In Free Roaming

    Today's event has been amazing so far and yes, it would not be complete without talking about "Watch Dogs."This game will be incorporating involvement from friends heavily, and this is finally confirmation that the PS4 will receive "Watch Dogs."
    Everyone is connected with "Watch Dogs" and this game is apparently taking place in Chicago, as revealed by Ubisoft.

    This demo is a "full-blown live demo."
    "Watch Dogs" looks like an amazing game so far. Sorry "Grand Theft Auto 5." Chicago will look amazing with the PS4.

    As Pierce, the main character of "Watch Dogs," is walking around Chicago, it shows off all of the amazing technology and capabilities this game will have.
    Gamers will be able to walk by strangers and use their device to pull up information about people and gain things like ATM pin numbers so they can steal money.

    The fact that this game is indeed an open-world title makes things with this game even more amazing. This kind of has a "Sleeping Dogs" feel as Pierce is chasing his target through the city, and then trying to escape the police.
    "Watch Dogs" is going to be amazing indeed

    This is taking the whole GTA creation that ROCKSTAR took to the grave as solid and smashed it with a flowerball
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