I was very underwhelmed by the presentation today by some specific content and a lack thereof otherwise.

1. "Connectivity between devices." "Outside the living room." "Consumer-centric."
What the hell is this, the Xbox? Few people have Vita's and the fact that they said they are "trying" to get developers and games to work with remote play means the idea will be dropped after the first year. Anyone remember what came before DualShock 3 and after DualShock 2? Let's not mention that name.

2. The dedicated Sony Social Network - What is this Facebook knock off garbage? No one gives a sh** what trophies you have dude. So Sony makes an entire social network for it? Buzz off.

3. Chris Metzen - OMG THE BLIZZARD GUY!! I was beyond excited, expecting Titan or some bada*s new excluse IP, right? Right? No, we get a year-old PC port of the most disappointed below-expectation game of the decade. The hell off the stage.

4. Game development - Rumors swirling around are that the next Xbox will be based on Windows NT, why didn't Sony address their foundation instead of having videos of random devs sobbing about how beautiful it is to develop on PS4? OpenGL is not good enough. Why were 3rd party game ALWAYS being ported over from 360 to PS3?!? Change the status quo.

5. AMD Jaguar - What the hell is an "Enhanced PC CPU"? Are we 4 years old dude? Drop the buzzwords, "Supercharged!" "Enhanced!" "Unified!". There was 2 minutes dedicated to the specifications. Furthermore, the AMD Jaguar is AMD's counter to Intel's Atom CPU, a laptop CPU. Explanation?

6. Backwards compatibility - Screw you.

7. PS Move - It was an absolute failure. When you go up before the audience and say that you now love it after a long time, it is incredibly cringe-worthy. But what do you do next? You announce some kind of Wii Sensor Bar, thanks, we really like PS Move right? No. But keep showing us videos of a group of suburbanite idiots pretending to be in a band by waving their hands like they belong in a Kinect commercial.

TL;DR: "Social aspects are one of the biggest things for PS4," the PS4 is doing it's best to copy everything wrong with the Xbox 360. It then goes on to copy the tablet function from the Wii U, pretending everyone owns a Vita.

Drop the social networking garbage, give us a better gaming console.