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    Quote Originally Posted by Coconut_Crunch View Post
    That's $#@!in insane.
    Yes, it certainly is nice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi View Post
    Even PS2's 48 to 512 is close to 11 times.
    Ps2 had 32MB of main memory, so the jump was 16x.
    If you add the 4MB of EDRAM, you would have ~14x jump. (this is not a good way to calculate as all polygons and textures had to be stored in main ram before they could be used.)

    Thing is that the pools were split and OS took large part of the 256MB of main ram. (now OS is down to 64MB.) (Apparently I checked way too old source.. , yes it's most likely smaller now, point still remains)
    So actual game world still must fit to under ~200MB. (all physics, AI, animation, game world, code.. etc.)
    Last edited by jlippone; 02-26-2013 at 06:19. Reason: Edit: I could have been lot clearer..point ~200MB main ram for games.
    Couple of nice blog posts about OpenGL.
    The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality
    Things that drive me nuts about OpenGL

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