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What's the difference here between shipped and sold. You guys make this almost your first priority whenever a console announces how many units they sold, then some of you guys say "they were shipped".

Here is the thing, if the units/consoles were shipped, they were already sold. In order for them to be shipped they have to be sold. What that means is that those stores already purchased those units, all that money now is in the hands of the company. o.O lmfao
I don't like to get into sales debates believe me. They never end well. I'm not one of those people that want to argue it until the end of the day either. The way I look at it. I got into a store I see just say 4 360s and 4 PS3s. Sony is counting those as sold as an indicator as userbase. Based on MS's sales those 4 360s are not sold. Yes they have been sold to wholesalers but not to the consumers. A product can be a massive flop but there are 10 million units shipped to meet a demand that was assumed was there. Just a bit misleading. Imagine if the company that released that product was touting that they shipped 10 million units and never discerned the difference between that and sold to consumers. Say they sold 1 million to consumers. This is all a theoretical situation and no where near is it comparable to Sony's situation but that is my logic on it. Yes they got the money from wholesalers but that doesn't mean the product is a big success. Imagine if MS did this for 360 sales with shipped to Japan.

I would say though with it so close they are practically even considering the year jump. Sony possibly having the slight edge considering how close they are with a year gap. Like I said I don't want to argue this all day. I'm open to your counter completely. That is just my outlook on it. No matter what no one can discredit the PS3 is a huge success with all the hurdles that it had to over come. Consumer shock by price, early on lack of support, and PSN fiasco. Yet here we are and they are nipping at the heels or dead even with them. How ever you look at it.