Just when you thought PlayStation Plus was about as good as itís going to get, SCEE have just hit it out of the park with a trio of top tier games that are free as part of your subscription.
First up is EAís massive RPG Mass Effect 3, available from the 6th of March. Despite weeks of everyone moaning about the end of the game the general consensus is that the rest of it is pretty good.
Also available is the technically brilliant brawler Dead or Alive 5. Sure, itís a game with absolutely loads of DLC but itís optional stuff and the core game is well worth playing.
Finally, indie hit Joe Danger 2 completes the trio.
Donít worry Vita-owner gamers, the week after will see the superb Metal Gear Solid HD Collection available, and on the 20th cute water-based puzzler Bubble lands on the service.
So remember that Sleeping Dogs, Vanquish and LIMBO all leave the Instant Game Collection on the 6th, and WipEout 2048 and Lumines in the following weeks. Grab them now if you havenít already.