The ViolentGaming Team is an up and coming competitive PS3 Team. We are featured on all Call of Duty games and are currently branching out to other titles as well as platforms. What Violent Gaming has to offer is more than just a roster of great gamers. Weíre here to bring a constant stream of entertainment whether it be with montages or live streams, as well as full coverage at pro events, pro tricks and tips, and our opinion on everything thatís going on in the gaming world. We do not have many accolades under our belt, and were still looking for sponsors, but keep an eye open cause one blink is all it takes to miss the rise of our empire.

We are primarily a Search and Destroy Team, but like every good team we are becoming versatile in all Game modes. We currently do not have any accolades under our belt other than our gamebattles team and we are also looking for sponsors.

We getting on our grind this pro season and expect to see our name pop up a few times. If you want to support us just subscribe to our YouTube and follow our twitter thatís all we ask.

Please post below or contact me via my email at [email protected] if you are interested in joining.

Don't hesitate to visit our Gamebattles team page, website or youtube page.

Gamebattles: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming...violent-gaming