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C'mon man, you're on Aqua's case way too much. Relax. If you continue harassing him, I'll have to give you a temp ban.

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Why are you trying so hard to make it personal? Please stop with the hypersensitive attitude. People played Forza a lot more than they did GT this gen, which translates in more hours of fun. What's wrong with that?

Also, this is a "versus" section... I thought comparisons were allowed.

Lastly, I'm a PC Gamer yes... wanna check my xboxlive activity? But it doesn't mean I've become a PS fanboy which seems it's a requisite in your understanding to not see someone as an enemy or something.

I can't believe you can spit so much hate over a console.

I'll have to disagree. Alan Wake was technically good but gameplay was so frustrating and the story wasn't as good as I was hoping for. I remember playing it just for the sake of finishing the damn game.

Hope Remedy comes up with a totally new IP.
I HATE XBOX? This is laughable.

Find my posts. I dare anyone to read any of posts as anti-MS. Or at least, find a trend where I'm constantly bashing and naysaying anything coming from Microsoft.

Same cannot be said for a lot of prominent posters here, however.

*plays Horizon*

Seriously though.

Continue with your "crusade". I only respond not because I hate any console or manufacturer (Nintendo/Wii/Wii-U would be the closest except it's not hate- it's just plain, neutral, disinterest) - but because I HATE FUD-spreaders, naysayers and same-old, same-old type of posters like you (this is harbourage based rather than person-based).

If you stop; then people will stop getting annoyed. Simple really. (Funny that huh? )

It's not personal.
So don't play the violin/victim and start getting on your soapbox.

Carry on.