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NO microsoft are like robbing there customers left right and centre

no free online
first xbox 360 no wi fi
no controller rechargeing cable
xbox live store eveything cost to much
xbox scratchs the discs
the avatars are to cartoony

i could continue but i wanna talk about the PS4
it's not free but the whole package wasn't that bad if you wanted cross-game chat. Let's say MS keeps charging for it, as long as they're providing people the value and they deem it worthy, it's all fair and square.

If people don't like it, they won't buy it or they'll buy it somewhere cheap.

first 360 had no wifi because they wanted to reduce price, I never use my wifi but can understand that some do...and you pay more for it.

yea i didn't like that you couldn't recharge with a cable though that's because they didn't go with a lithium battery. again due to keep the costs down. this i would pay more for and have with other electronics. i can't stand AA/AAA batteries.

PSN store also has expensive items, especially movies.

Does the 360 still scratches the discs? Yea i wasn't a big fan of this and sadly many people still probably think this is normal for a console.

360 has avatars, we don't...i'd rather have avatars than not. don't care what they look like. Home is a different story and isn't integrated.