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To all the people complaining about Sony not having showed the console itself: I guess we weren't supposed to see ANY hardware. The only reason we saw the controller is because there were some leaked pictures so they had to come out with it and show it to us.

Do you really think they'd show the REAL good stuff before E3? NO WAY! Imagine that... Sony shows controller+CONSOLE+much more games on February 20th --> all people are hyped for Microsoft at E3, NOT Sony. But Sony is in an advantage at the moment. They told us that there IS a PS4, showed the new controller and some software. And that's okay and more than enough. Then at E3 show the real deal. Blow us away with an amazing but simple design, great tech and stunningly beautiful games. Why? Because Microsoft will do exactly that. So Sony must not waste their "ammo" before E3.

Btw, it doesn't matter if we're happy with the specs or not. They won't change it, no matter what we say. But I'm quite happy. The only thing so far that I think COULD be better is the CPU, but I guess it's quite good and sufficient. 8gigs of ram - great. But I took it as "the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM will be used by the CPU and GPU" - right? Or is there a dedicated RAM JUST for the GPU? Because someone said that there will be additional RAM for the GPU. If that was true, it would mean that the GPU itself has its own RAM BUT can access the 8GB GDDR5 system memory. But I don't believe that there's additional GPU RAM. Just the 8gigs GDDR5.

I always thought that "GDDR" types of RAM is only available for GPUs, or am I missing something?
We all know deep down inside they were right not showing the entire thing and I doubt we heard everything the PS4 is offering as a console. Even though some "source" or developer said it was 2Ghz CPU doesn't mean it's true, it could be more than that. It could be around 2.5GHz or even 2.8GHz which isn't impossible at all and will still be cool. Remember, this is a whole different ballgame with these next console. 1.6GHz was just silly to even talk about and those rumors were just lame anyway.

As for E3, I see even a lot of previous XBOX supporters excited about what Sony is going to pull off at E3 with more PS4 news. It is actually very important that Microsoft gets spanked with the next consoles. If they do, they might start playing a bit more nice to it's gamer base.