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    Community Opinions Feedback, Questions and Discussion Thread

    * Credit to spyrde for his great work!


    I'm very pleased to announce the next phase of our community project: Community Opinions. We want to bridge the gap between PSU and the community. That continues with your thoughts on anything and everything. Be it something about next-gen consoles, developers, technology or rumors. Community Opinions is about expressing your thoughts about our favorite hobby with the community and a chance to see your work on the front page of PSU!

    This section is also a proving ground for would be writers, so those that are interested have a chance at more than just front page news. More on that soon enough. For some inspirational ideas on what kind of articles we are looking for, here are some examples from PSU on how you could write your opinion piece:

    Why Assassin's Creed needs to visit Victorian London

    3 reasons why Raiden is just as badass as Solid Snake

    Defiance: Can an MMO/TV show hybrid really work?

    Square Enix wasted a console generation, but it's not too late for redemption


    Now, there has to be some order for this to work. We want to see your efforts in a fun, structured setting that doesn't take itself too seriously but has some general rules to keep order. It's pretty simple, just post a new thread in this section and follow these basic guidelines. Don't worry about needing to be some super writer, this section is for everybody. A community spotlight for anyone to chime in with their thoughts.

    For Kyle, an awesome PSU editor who might consider what will be front page material, PSU will be looking for three core values labeled P S U. Those aiming to make their mark on the front page, adhere to this sick acronym that only the gods could have created:

    Keep in mind P S U is not mandatory to write an opinion piece, merely a reference.

    Thread Title: Very important. Make it stick out, but make sure it's explaining what the article is about. Don't try to mislead the reader. Use [OPINION] followed by your personal title.

    i.e. [OPINION] Graphics aren't everything

    If it's a rumor, use [RUMOR]. There isn't any crazy rules here, just make it catchy. Look at the examples from PSU above to get an idea.

    Word Count: Aim for 500-2000 words. If it's a little over, no big deal. If you go below 500, it won't be added.

    Graphics: Not mandatory, but a few pics can really spruce up a piece. Especially if you are trying to discuss rumors or explain different parts of hardware. Never hurts if talking about Kojima and his master plans to find one of his many awesome mug shots to compliment your work.

    Conclusion: Make sure to wrap up your thoughts with a nice end that really pops. Given that these are here to discuss your opinion, ending with a question is a viable option. It gives the reader a chance to give their input to your work and potentially generate a great thread.

    Database: Because opinion pieces can vary from PS4 to individual developers, the database will feature article by date posted followed by author. You can find the database here, housing one day some of the greatest pieces of writing ever conceived. Each will be a link to their thread, with the thread title clearly stated. For those wondering how it will look (primarily my indexers), here's an example:

    February 2013

    Will Sony show off more games before E3? - Sir_Scud
    Keys for Microsoft to beat Sony this year - DeviousOne
    Wii U's third party support in question - Lethal_NFS

    March 2013

    Blizzard's attempts are underwhelming -DarkVincent07

    This is the setup for now. When the year passes, it will be in spoiler tags making room for 2014.

    Community Rank:

    Each piece you write gives you a chance to rank up. This rank will coincide with the Community Reviews section, so either option can earn you a new tier in the rankings. This way people have a shot at beating Lethal to be the first Whale, Shark or maybe even Crab. There won't be a Hall of Fame here, but if you write a lot of opinion pieces you can still be added to the other guideline thread as the first person to reach a rank that was not Lethal.

    bros of the primordial ooze

    single cell organism (1 review/article)
    plankton (3 reviews/articles)
    sea horse (5 reviews/articles)
    lil fishy (10 reviews/articles)

    Denizens Of The Deep

    Deadly Pirahna Swarm (15 reviews/articles)
    Mega Stingray (20 reviews/articles)

    Cold Killer Whale (25 reviews/articles)
    Great White Shark (30 reviews/articles)


    GIANT ENEMY CRAB (40 reviews)/articles)
    KRAKEN KING (50 reviews/articles)

    MEGALADON GHOST (60 reviews/articles)
    LEGENDARY LEVIATHAN (75 reviews/articles)


    D0LPH1N (100 reviews/articles)

    Keep in mind this is the early goings, there's a lot more to cover. With this section in beta form, expect changes every now and then. This thread alone will have some alterations soon enough, but with that said start posting your opinions!

    I'll keep this thread open for discussion and thoughts. Changes can still be made to the process, but this means you can start posting new threads and I'll add them to the database! I'm very excited to see what the PSU community has to say!
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