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    To ppl that were/are haters of Cell processor in PS3

    I know that the downside of the Cell processor was that it was very unknown architecture. And it was very hard for many developers to really tame it. Which decreased the amount of visually amazing/overall quality of many games, as well as scared off many developers. Aaand, it also made multi-platform games really bad (because no one could be bothered to optimize for PS3, except for rare cases)

    But to be perfectly fair, anyone who bought a PS3 to play multiplatform games was anyway doing it wrong. Where the PS3 really shined/shines, is the 100% PS3 exclusives. And they very clearly prove how all the Cell "hype" wasn't just hype, this was/is a very powerful processor.

    The latest game (for example) from Naughty Dog which is coming out soon, The Last of Us, totally proves this. Everything from animation, NPC AI, and visuals. It has amazing effects like 100% dynamic shadows (which so far the only game that really does that is Crysis 3, and that's on pc with highest settings. Actually not even Crysis 3 does 100% dynamic. It's more like 90% dynamic. Because I noticed that the red light flares don't cast shadow. Which even the Uncharted games on PS3 do. This says something, right?). And stuff like that requires REALLY powerfull processing.

    So I think in the end, all the downsides were outweighed by the upside.

    But I'm also very excited for PS4, because I know it's VERY powerful + extremely easy to develop for. So this MIGHT bring us back, or atleast close to the awesome days of PS2 era in best case scenario.

    I guess we can finally say goodbye and thanks for a great gen, and say hi to next gen

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