Post: Update: Microsoft is hosting a Xbox Conf. in April
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Quote Originally Posted by Yungstar 2006 View Post
the rushed PS4 reveal was anything but fantastic. no console on show, none of the expected big exclusive AAA games, a few multi-plat games/engines thatt will also be on 720. oh yes.. a reveal on a memory increase that most all knew nothing about (especially the devs).

so what do MS need to counter the above at E3? i'd say its Sony that will have to do the countering going off MS's lack of response to the none PS4 reveal.
Ok lol. I don't know how to respond to this. It's making me laugh out loud. I don't even think I can argue with this.

Quote Originally Posted by Aquanox View Post
Are you actually doubting so?

3 Games, tons of online modes... GT wouldn't catch up in hours played (or miles raced) even if the whole installed base starts playing non-stop from now until the PS4. =)

Haha... probably exaggerating but 2 things are for sure, Forza has brought a lot more hours of fun than GT this gen and second... well... that you're bringing your own speculation as facts... Note taken =)
That's probably because GT didn't come until the end of 2010. If you're going to do some sort of a pseudo-scientific study, at least show that you're capable of using common sense.