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The discussion you claim is over finished when I said I would delete any posts that were unrelated to Microsoft and their upcoming conference. It's obvious you missed the post though so an infraction will have to do.

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You gotta be kidding me. LOL.... I didn't ask you to throw (again and again) your own baseless speculation on how MRI (or FMRI) would be used to measure emotions. I asked for an accepted scientific study that has achieved this. There's a reason they don't exist, even though scientists have tried to do this for ages. Get that into your brain.

Nobel prize will have to wait lol. I feel sorry about the polygraph though :P

This discussion is over.


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No I didn't. I told you what I meant, then you specifically forwarded me to the post and I told you exactly why I said what I did in the beginning and why I did am I twisting it? I agreed to what you said. I wasn't denying anything.

Ok, I've never used that word so I said that...what's the need to fixate on that? Not have anything else to say? Thought so.

LOL you're still at it. I don't get the point of putting it in numbers when you can easily tell if one person was showing more excitement than the other. Depending on the activity, the images show the amount of light in certain part of the brain.

Here's your link. Notice the part where it says Infer meaning that you can use it as evidence.

You're fixated on metrics when it's fairly easy to see if there's brain activity or not or how much is there if any. I'm not understand the point of it.

To put human emotions in metrics, I never argued, to measure brain activity to show if a person is having fun or not, IS MEASURABLE and I'm not sure if they can also retrieve data from the machine but they can certainly conclude based on the pictures.

What does that have to do with simple detection of brain activity! lol. You keep arguing about $#@! that has nothing to do with what we're talking about. The machine simply shows you if there's activity or not and depending on which part of the brain this activity is, shows what you may be feeling. What does that have to do with defining emotion? Nothing!

Oh I just saw your polygraph joke, hah. *thumbs up*

I'm sorry, where did I say that a game's sales define its longevity?

You know what, I was done with this 10 posts ago, but I hate it when people grasp at straws just to prove a point and drag it out...I'm a little stubborn lol.

That's my last response to him unless he comes up with more upchuck.