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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitey View Post
    Lots of faithful men @ PSU. /slowclap
    It's a simple equation.

    You cheat you lose your wife. You also lose your house, your car, your kids, and half of your money. You then have to spend years paying your ex wife child support for the children she took from you. You've got court costs to add in, and let's not forget the lawyer fees.

    So you have to ask yourself, is one hour of sex with a silicon enhanced girl worth losing all of that?

    If the answer is yes then it's going to be the most expensive piece of ass you'll ever have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admartian View Post
    Easy - PS4.

    There's always other girls if you're single.
    Getting other girls is a huge problem for some people so easier said than done.

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