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    How I hope Gaikai is used

    I have been on several gaming sites, and I hardly see this being discussed. Gaikai has A LOT of potential. This could easily be the last home console because in 10 years, streaming games could become the standard. That clearly isn't going to happen anytime soon though, I have some things I would like to share about my hopes of Gaikai on PS4 and Vita.

    -Needs to be Day 1, by this I mean all the features David Perry talked about in the conference like letting someone take your position and help you, is a cool feature that made my Xbox friends intrigued.

    - The whole PS3, PS2, PS1 library needs to be on Gaikai PS4 within three years. All of them need to be playable on the vita too.

    - Instant game demos (this is obvious)

    - A monthly game streaming rental service that could be a PS+ feature or an extension. Think about it, Unlimited PS1,PS2,PS3 titles per month- 50 dollars a year if you don't have PS+. Maybe 75 per year, with PS Plus and this feature? This may sound expensive but there are about 4000 PS2 games just to give you an idea.

    I may be asking for too much, but this is a perfect way for Gaikai to be utilized. Thoughts?

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    I do see steaming as the future of gaming as well. but how close to the future? hard to say.

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    One really cool thing with the Gaikai service is once the PS5 starts rolling around and we see playable demos at E3, etc. using the Gaikai service, it would allow everyone with a PS4 to easy give the games a test run before the system actually comes out since all Gaikai does is stream the video to the console! I don't see Gaikai fully taking over, but it will be interesting to see what Sony does with that card in their hand!

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    Don't forget once you have the playstation plus services; you'll be able to select and just play. You won't have wait for downloads.

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    Stream is a bad thing and it won't be so easy to stream until few years from now to be able to steam. The users most have a good internet connection and lots of usage for those who has a limit as I personally do. We will see lots of problems with streaming thing and just wait when PS4 will be out and see how threads we will have about this lol. I would avoid it to say the truth and I don't mind downloading 20GB of data to play the games rather then streaming.

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    The biggest issue that Gaikai has is the fact that any off site streaming does require a huge amount of server space/performance and I just don't see Sony putting that much cash into supporting Ps3 in that manner. They are doing it with Ps4 demos but we will have to see just how reliable it will be in the long run.

    The whole streaming from one Ps4 to another is a much more elegant use of the technology as a whole. Having all the processing done client side makes it a much more viable and easier to manage system as whole.

    There is still the issue of internet latency but I doubt we will see much improvement over what we have today simply due to all the different stages that are required to make the technology work. So long as the latency isn't to extreme it (from what we can tell it isn't) it should be perfectly fine.

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