The Red Guards

We are actually Recruiting new Members for our Corporeation "The Red Guards". We are a group of skilled Players which welcomes new Gamers in Dust514. We have a long gaming History which is also including MAG and BF3 (BF3 Division still active). We are also in a Alliance with other well known Corps and we are always glad to help Mercenarys that recently started the game. We are into Factional Warfare and as soon as possible into Planetary Conquest as well.
We are also have a bunch of EVE Players in our ranks. So dont be afraid when you hear a Orbital Strike incoming

  1. + 17 Years old.
  2. Microphone/Headset required
  3. Ready for teamplay
  4. Having fun
  5. No Glitching/Cheating at all
  6. English speaking skills

We are offering fun in the game, but we also want to be succesfull in the future.
Helpfull and active Mercenarys will be rewarded with Awards, Merits, Ranks and ISK.

To sign up visit:

Would be glad to see you on the Comrade side of life