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    Saints Row 4 Won't Appear on Wii U

    - Saints Row IV is out in August Saints Row 4, the recently revealed sequel in the popular open-world franchise, won't appear on the Wii U, as developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver want to focus on current platforms like the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360.

    After THQ's bankruptcy, publisher Deep Silver acquired both the rights to the Saints Row franchise but also to developer Volition and quickly confirmed that Saints Row 4 would appear this year.

    Before the weekend, the two companies officially revealed the game to the world with the release of an outrageous video and even confirmed that it was going to appear this August onto "PC and consoles."

    Now, Deep Silver has clarified to Polygon saying that the consoles the announcement was referring to were the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as Saints Row 4 won't appear on the Nintendo Wii U.

    This is yet another blow for Nintendo's new console as very few games have been confirmed to appear on the device this year.

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    I am not surprised what so, i do not see Nintendo taking this series at all

    If though Nintendo is boosting this new mature era of their gaming
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