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    Mark of the Ninja 'Special Edition'

    Klei Entertainment is adding to its delightful 2D stealth game Mark of the Ninja with a "Special Edition" DLC meant to evoke a "Criterion Collection" release of the original. The DLC, due this summer for a mysteriously invisible price, adds a flashback level starring the tattoo artist Dosan, a new equippable play style including a "nonlethal takedown ability," a new stealth-focused item, and a "more direct" new item.

    As a "Criterion Collection" addition, Klei also recorded developer commentary, which can be accessed at "commentary nodes" throughout the game, in six different languages.

    If you successfully infiltrate PAX East, you'll be able to get a sneaking peek at the Special Edition at Klei's booth. It will be released on both Steam and XBLA.


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    One of the best games of last year!

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