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    My thoughts on Saints Row IV

    I've been reading more about Saints Row IV and I think I might have overreacted a bit with the reveal trailer. Like most people, I was disappointed. It looked like $60 DLC for Saints Row: The Third. After reading an article on Destructoid though, creative director Steve Jaros mentioned that very little of Enter The Dominatrix was salvaged for Saints Row IV.

    Gematsu's PAX East 2013 preview mentions you’ll sometimes go outside of the simulated Steelport into the real world without powers. Being able to travel outside of the simulated Steelport is good news, considering they haven't changed much. It's supposed to be around the same size and they feel it will be a new city to players because of the way you can move around with your powers.

    In an interview with Dealspwn, Scott Philips mentions that they were happy with the positive reception to the series' new direction. That they were focusing on making it fun. I admit, Saints Row: The Third was fun and I put a lot of hours into it but I would have liked to see the series return to a balance of seriousness and over-the-top. Stilwater proved to be more interesting in its overall design than Steelport (even if the graphics looked like ass).

    Not only that but, considering the protagonist is the President of the United States, he should be able track down Dex. I'm hoping that's what happens later in the game. I never played the original Saints Row so I watched some cutscenes after completing Saints Row 2 a while back to better understand the situation.

    Anyways, I don't think too many people are excited for Saints Row IV. Maybe that will change when Deep Silver release a proper trailer but right now I'm being cautiously optimistic.
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