I seem to make a thread like this every couple of years. But I'm a huge FF fan and a good FF discussion is always a great thing to have. Basically my question is as follows:

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In 2008 I created a thread asking the forum on whether or not Square could recapture the magic that Final Fantasy lost after FFX with FFXIII. The thread generated some good discussion and now that we've been able to have the product in our hands for about 2 months I ask you again. Has Square been able to recapture the magic of Final Fantasy with this latest installment?

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So did SE recapture the magic that they lost after FFX? In my opinion, no they haven't. The reason being is that I've had FFXIII for two months now and I still haven't beaten it. I've hit a wall of some sorts. And I can't pinpoint why exactly. Is it the battle system? Is it the glaring design flaws with this title? Is the story not moving enough? I don't know but FFXIII hasn't grasped me and made me want to play it all night long like FFX/FFVII/FFVIII.

And it's not like I have outgrown the genre or the games because I can still go back to any of those titles and pour in countless hours and still enjoy myself.

So I ask you forum. Was Square-Enix able to re-capture the magic of Final Fantasy for you?
In light of recent events and rumors....do you think SE can recapture the Magic of Final Fantasy? Can they redeem the franchise going into Next-Gen and if so...How and what do they need to do?