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    CCP Officially Acknowledges PSU's DUST 514 Love!

    The folks at PlayStation® Universe are in love with DUST 514®, and this week they’re showing it with an unrelenting barrage of hard-hitting stories!

    We’ve always known that DUST 514 was poised to impact the PlayStation ecosystem just as much as it's impacting New Eden, but it’s great to see that PSU agrees! They’ve dedicated an entire podcast to DUST 514, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    Here’s a bit more of that iceberg, for your reading pleasure:

    PSU is doing a great job breaking down what makes DUST 514 such a breathtaking experience. Give their hard work a read today!

    Link: PSU Podcast

    Guys, this is a HUGE victory for PSU as a site and as a corporation in DUST 514! This is now a foundation for us to build on. We are on CCP's radar, now it's time to build on that. We have the podcast, which is already looking to be a big improvement on our humble first attempt and there is a whole lot of stuff to write about. I urge any of you who would like to engage and help PSU's out-of-game agenda (spreading the word about the EVE Universe, getting new players into the game and helping them to understand the mechanics), to do so. As an editor at the site I will work with anyone who is interested in being a voice for DUST 514. Also...know that our voice is being heard..and is appreciated by the legends at CCP.

    Onward and upward! o/

    A look back at some of my recent-ish features. There are quite a few other smaller ones for things like developer videos, in-game events, and build updates etc that aren't here. Mike has covered a few stories, Timothy covered the Precursor build and Steven did an article around E3 2011 IIRC.

    New DUST 514 build 'Uprising' deploys May 6th

    PSU DUST 514 Podcast
    DUST 514 - Planetary Conquest explained
    DUST 514 Open Beta Overview
    DUST 514 basic skill training
    5 DUST 514 features that many don't know about

    The weird and wonderful ways of Iceland
    A DUST merc in space: exploring new Eden from "the other side"
    How DUST 514 and EVE Online players will blow each other up
    DUST 514 moving to EVE Online server

    It was these two that got me noticed for the role of Editor at PSU muahaha.

    Understanding your role on the battlefield

    Behind DUST 514 - Understanding CCP'S exclusive MMO shooter

    Again, I welcome any corp member to get in touch with me if they would like to contribute to PSU's DUST 514 opinions, news and reviews voice.
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