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I saw that ex-UBI guy in TGFC(that chinese tech forum) talked about the same thing 2 days ago
"上周五项目收到了第一批Durango的Beta Kit,主机超大一个白盒子,新手柄。而且主机和手柄都贴着不规律黑色的胶带条纹,就和新车发布前的伪装似 的。"
(Last Friday received the first batch of Durango Beta Kit,console is a huge white box,and new controller.Console and controller are plastered with irregular black stripes tape,like camouflage a new car before announce.)
But i didn't post it because it's from April 1 and he said it's dual APU lol
"最重要的是,Beta Kit竟然里面有两个APU,就和之前部分软饭猜测的一样。我操,这下猛了。"
(Most important thing is,the beta come with 2 APU,just like some MS fans guess.$#@! that's crazy)


Interesting... Also refers to the stripes on the controller as the Kotaku article.

Take all of this with a pinch of salt.