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    Unreal Engine 4 Demo: PlayStation 4 vs. PC

    Last week's GDC reveal of Unreal Engine 4 running on PlayStation 4 hardware gave us a revised look at 2012's Elemental PC demo - at the time operating on Core i7 in combination with Nvidia's powerful GTX 680 - and after the dust settled we were curious to see how the two renditions compared directly. This should give us some idea of the ways in which Epic has reshaped its code to better suit the new console platform. Of course, it's early days and UE4 in itself is still in development, but the question remains - to what extent can PS4 match up to a top-end PC?

    Good read... It doesn't quite match the demo that the 680 put out last year but it's still impressive. Especially when you consider that the PS4 will probably cost less than a 680 alone. Assuming it is less than £350
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