At the heart of this is a forum. That should be the priority. I'll gladly give up the bells and whistles if it means I can actually view and post in the forums without constant errors.

The visual image I have of this forum is of those people that start with a couple magnets on the front of their refrigerators. Then they keep adding until it's a massive crowded eyesore. Because there is so many magnets, some start falling to the floor every time they open or close the door on it.

Where I would walk up to it and clean the door of magnets because I just want to get to my food without a bunch of magnets hitting the floor every time I open it. Kinda like when a hoarder keeps collecting things until you can no longer walk around the house.

That may be this forum's problem. You've hoarded too many bells and whistles and nobody can walk around the forum anymore. Maybe it's time to haul that $#@! out so we can move around here.