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    Endeavour Gaming - A PS3 exclusive clan is recruiting new members

    Bored of playing on your own? Looking for a friendly community to submerse yourself into? Or simply on a quest to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then Endeavour Gaming is the place to be! A community which is striving to be at the top of its league, Endeavour Gaming is a PS3 exclusive Clan with currently over 50 active members from around the world, and growing! Our fellow members are a vibrant collection of individuals who collectively make up the best gaming community you will see anywhere. All that is required is a simple application after signing up on the website: and you can jump right into the action that awaits you.
    ________________________________________ஜ۩۞۩ஜ_____ ___________________________________
    What Endeavour Gaming has to offer for YOU:
    ★ 24/7 Support on the Endeavour Chat-box; Log into the chatbox and make some new friends! With a clan filled with members across all regions you'll be sure to meet many new people, and we'll be sure to assist you at any given moment!

    ★ MLG Competitive Gaming; Currently in place are 4 competitive squads which actively play Gamebattles matches - 2 EU & 2 NA/US, giving you plenty of opportunity to shine and show off your CoD abilities! Also in the making is a new Sniping squad!

    ★ Clan Events; Our events team are actively creating and thinking up new ideas on a constant basis to keep this community thriving with fun things to do. We have both Regional and International support for these events, as well as awards for the winners!

    ★ Call of Duty Elite Clan Ops and Challenges; With Call of Duty Elite, our clan members form a remarkable team for all ops and challenges, standing at level 45 for MW3 and level 11 for BLOPS2! We are sure to grow even bigger with the release of upcoming Call of Duty titles.

    ★ A growing Youtube community; With several uploads every week, we will be sure to upload some content that will grab your attention and keep you interested. Alternatively you may want to be in the spotlight yourself, and this is now possible with the vast numbers of people who are willing to record and commentate over the gameplay at your request - in HD!

    ________________________________________ஜ۩۞۩ஜ_____ ___________________________________
    About Joining Endeavour Gaming:
    As soon as you make your account on our forum you will be asked to post an application. If it is accepted your probation begins and you will be asked to post 15 posts on the forum in the next 7 days. If you complete this simple task you are now part of the Endeavour Gaming clan!

    Here are some requirements for joining this community:
    ★ Must be 16 years of age or older.*
    ★ Must remain active once you pass probation.*
    ★ Must follow rules and regulations set upon signing up.*
    ★ Must have a headset or microphone to allow for clear communication.

    *1 - Those aged 15-16 can also apply however a maturity test will be taken before their application is accepted or denied. 2* - Serious lengths of inactivity without notifying a director will lead to email warnings and then it will progress to removal off the clan website if there is a failure to respond. 3* - Any misconduct in any shape or form which break the clan's terms and conditions will lead to strikes. 3 strikes and you will be permanently banned. Strikes are removed for long periods of good behaviour.

    ________________________________________ஜ۩۞۩ஜ_____ ___________________________________
    Other relevant information about the clan:
    ★ Despite being based upon Call of Duty on the Playstation Console, our members are an active community outside of this on both PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We have several members who play games outside of Call of Duty such as: League of Legends, Battlefield 3, Minecraft, The Fifa Series, Portal 2, Borderlands 2, DayZ, and many more!

    ★ Not only this but our clan offers various opportunities for key roles that keep our clan running. Spots for the Media, Security and Events team are available from time to time, giving you the opportunity to represent EnD for the greater good! Competitive tryouts are also opened from time to time thus allowing members to show off their abilities to go beyond public games.

    ★ Our clan also offers an award system which has allowed individuals in the clan to show off their pride and achievement in both Call of Duty and the work they have done in the clan it self! With plenty of awards up for grabs, there will be plenty of opportunity to enhance your reputation!

    ★ Lastly our clan now has a merchandise store where various products such as shirts and hoodies for men and women, which can be customised and purchased for very cheap prices!
    ________________________________________ஜ۩۞۩ஜ_____ ___________________________________
    Be sure to apply at:
    Check out our Youtube Channel at:

    Here's a video to explain more about our website and how to apply:

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    Endeavour Gaming is still recruiting new faces to join in on the fun! If you're bored of gaming alone, or want to play competitive, we've got what you're looking for!

    Join now to be part of the fun in this great clan!

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    Endeavour Gaming is still looking for gamers to join our community! If you're looking for skilled competitive players to play with, or just a fun bunch of people to play with, Endeavour Gaming is the place for you!

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    Never been a better time to join the clan! Don't sit at home, gaming alone. You can do that with us for company! There's no need to game alone, join Endeavour Gaming now!

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    We are actively recruiting new members! Join Endeavour Gaming now to meet new people to play with, casual or competitive. As long as you are a mature person over the age of 16, you are able and most welcome to join the clan.

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    If you fulfill the conditions set above, don't hesitate to join Endeavour Gaming now! A new competitive squad is looking for members, and the number of people taking actively part on the events and daily life of our clan is growing by the day. Head out to to apply!

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    Never been a better time to join, whether you are considering casual or competitive gaming! Two European and one North American Competitive squads are representing Endeavour gaming on the competitive side of things, and for the casual gamers our wide range of members are the perfect company to enjoy gaming with! Head out to and post your application today!

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    With the sniping squad slowly making its comeback, and the competitive side of Endeavour Gaming starting to blossom, it's a really good time to join our ranks! Whether you play for fun or you want to feel the taste of victory in the competitive fields, Endeavour Gaming guarantees you a chance to experience Black Ops 2 at its best!

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