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    360 Passes the Wii in the UK............

    The Xbox 360 has passed the Wii in total sales in the UK, according to VGChartz. The Xbox 360 became the number one bestselling home console for the seventh generation in the UK for the week ending March 30.

    With the latest sales figures the Xbox 360 has sold 8,732,220 units to date in the UK, while the Wii has sold 8,718,881 units. For the week ending April 6, the Xbox sold 9,002 units, while the Wii sold 1,231 units.
    The Xbox 360 also has a shot of outselling lifetime sales of the Wii in the US in the next year. The Xbox currently sits at 39,286,218 units sold, while the Wii has sold 40,911,701 units. The Xbox 360 has outsold the Wii by 30,000 units this week. At that rate it will take 54 weeks, but that is without the holiday boost.

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    People love the Xbox. They need a price drop. When that happens, $#@! is going to get real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soldier 95B View Post
    People love the Xbox. They need a price drop. When that happens, $#@! is going to get real.
    Im amazed the 360 price is still so high. 7 years into the consoles life and it's still 199 - Thats just insane!

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