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    9/11 Conspiracy

    NOTE FROM IXION: These posts were moved from a thread about a different topic. The discussion can continue here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi View Post
    No, while I know there's possibility of foul play, I don't know the answers, I'm not much for theories but after reading for years about the 9/11 theories and how it is still not proven that there ever was a plane that hit the pentagon, leads me to believe that it was definitely foul play, including the explosives on the building.

    Ugggh, I hate people like you.

    You are willfully uneducated. "After years of reading" what exactly? Conspiracy theory websites? You've obviously never bothered to read the news, or any legitimate source on the subject.

    Let's discuss this conspiracy of yours from an educated point of view for just a moment. About a half mile from the Pentagon is a highway. There were thousands of people on that highway at the time the plane crashed. Before the plane hit the ground it hit five light posts on the highway, damaged a few cars, and left airplane pieces on the road and grassy areas around the highway.

    So there were hundreds of witnesses, not one of which has ever come forward and said they didn't see a plane. Why not?

    Now, outside of the building was a construction site with several large spools of cable which weigh over 10,000lbs each, and a 60,000lb commercial generator on a trailer. Something hit these items from the front and pushed them toward the Pentagon.

    You can clearly see the construction site on the right and see how far TOWARDS the Pentagon the spools of cables were pushed.

    Now, if you're going to suggest that there was no plane, then please explain to me what hit those light posts on the highway, and what pushed that generator and spools towards the Pentagon when any explosive should have pushed them away.

    And while you're at it, please explain to me why all of the debris from the collapsed walls is shoved INSIDE the Pentagon rather than being blown out all over the lawn. You do understand the physics of an explosion right? An explosion inside the building should blow everything out away from the center of the explosion, but look at the photo.... No bricks, blocks of concrete, no building contents, no window frames, NOTHING from the inside of the building is on the grass, it's all shoved inside of the building. Why?
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